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Woot Woot


Also: VERY IMPORTANT: Last night was Awards Night. No big, because I was told I was getting an award but they don't tell you what award. ANYWAY: So I got there, expecting to get some bullshit "she deserves an award" award. We went through almost the entire ceremony without them calling my name so I was REALLY confused. I was sitting next to my friend Sam and I was like "Um. Sam. I don't think I'm going to get anything" and he started laughing and he's like "Here I'll hold your program" and I was like "Why?" and then this American Legion guy goes up there and goes "The Outstanding Senior Girl award goes to Brooklyn Nicole" and I looked at Sam and I go "WHAT?" and So I got there and accepted it but OMG. This is a REALLY REALLY REALLY BIG DEAL. At our school, outstanding senior boy and girl RARELY goes to someone that isn't valedictorian. I'm 20th in my class. It's never gone to someone who wasn't an athlete. I'm totally NOT an athlete. And it's also NEVER gone to a transfer student, and I didn't get here until my sophomore year. It's a HUGE honor. I'm THRILLED. So I got home today and checked my email and this is was I got from my English Teacher::

BROOKLYN !!!!!!!
    Outstanding Senior Girl - How wonderful.  We were so lucky to have you come into our lives.... you've made a difference.  We're proud.   Love, Mrs. Rock

SOOOOOOO I'm kind of a big deal. In case you haven't heard. LOL Look at Meryl all smug with her award. That's what I'm like too. HA. *points to icon*

SENIOR BREAKFAST TOMORROW AND GRADUATION REHEARSAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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